Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Brain Power + Ambition = Good Customer Service

But if you've been keeping up with the times in Mineola you know that both Brain Power and Ambition are in very short supply at the Building Department.  Ergo, customer service is virtually non-existent.  People have been complaining about the personality issues there for years but the Mayor takes no notice.

If you attended the December 16th public meeting or watched it on Channel 18, you learned that a number of residents have complained to Mineola's Building Department with regard to noise coming from the Verizon building on the border of Mineola and Garden City.  The offending structure is in Garden City's jurisdiction so our Building Department has no authority over the property in question.  However, when residents call  Dan Whalen's office to complain about an issue such as this, the stock answer of  "It's not in Mineola so we can't do anything about it"  is completely unacceptable.  The appropriate answer is "While that property is not in Mineola's jurisdiction, we will send an inspector over.  He can then make a report to the Mayor and the Board of Trustees for their consideration."

Danny B earns over $100K a year.  His gal-pal/secretary's earnings are in the $40K range.  The village residents do not pay taxes to get blown off by the very employees whose salaries they pay. 

All it takes to keep your customers happy is a little bit of professionalism, the ability to think outside the box and a desire to actually earn your keep (it's called a "work ethic").  It's time for the Mayor to stop making excuses for the obnoxious, cavalier behavior of Mr. Whalen and his staff.  Personnel changes are long overdue and there's no better time than the start of a New Year.