Monday, February 21, 2011


From the Mineola Scallion (a little Onion):

                       JACK MARTINS INVENTS FIRE !!!

                                 "It was nothing," said the ever-modest
                                  senator from NY's 7th Senate District.
                                 "I was just rubbing some sticks together
                                  to kill time between photo ops and
                                  what do you know!!  Weenie roast at
                                  my place!!" 

Oh Jack Martins!!!  Is there nothing you CAN'T do ? ? ? ?  It certainly seems that way according to the Mineola American.  Week after week we are barraged with photos of you unlike ever before.  When you were mayor of our "Friendly" little Village there was an occasional picture of you at a Veteran's Day ceremony or handing a proclamation to a century-old resident.  Now your face is all over the place.  They devote more space to your face than to news or advertising.  That's fer sure!

The Mineola American has become the TIGER BEAT of the 7th S.D. and Jack Martins is a "Fan Fave."  So we here at MNYT would like to issue a little challenge to all our readers out there, and friends of readers, and friends of friends of readers:  let's do a weekly count of how many pictures of Jack appear in each edition of Mineola's "official" publication, shall we?  The weekly prize is nothing but Bragging Rights but you can think of this as preparation for the upcoming election.  After the November debacle, we know how important counting ability can be!

So each Wednesday, be sure to run out to your mailbox or to your local news stand before all the issues are scooped up.  Sit down in your favorite big comfy chair with a hot cuppa joe and start circling those photos.  Then you log on to where you can click "Post Comment" and enter your tally.  We can do this every week for as long as Jack is in office.  It doesn't matter how long this goes on because the comments box is just waiting for your numbers.  Just be sure to count carefully!  Only the most accurate participant gets to boast.  We want to keep things honest after all!