Saturday, May 7, 2011


MNYT loves nothing better than a good show - especially when it's free.  (Although considering the taxes the good folks of Mineola pay you can safely say that nothing in this village comes free.)  And we were highly entertained Wednesday night by the latest display of arrogance provided by Mineola's Building Superintendent Dan Whalen.  Like that little circus car that clown after clown comes out of, Mr. Whalen just never ceases to amaze! 

Two residents of Jerome Avenue spoke at the public meeting about the violation notice they received for having an RV parked on their property on the driveway side of the house.  When they went to the Building Department and asked for a copy of the village code the brainiac behind the counter told them they would have to pay $275 for it.  You read that right, folks.  $275.  For something that is available at the Village Clerk's office across the hall, or in the Mineola Memorial Library, or at for FREE ! ! ! !   Not to mention the fact that they can get a copy of just the building code for substantially less than the aforementioned $275.  But it appears the "gentleman" behind the counter neglected to tell them any of that.

When they asked to view the file so they could see the complaints, this village employee told them that the complaints wouldn't be in the file.  You see, these were anonymous phone complaints.  FIVE of them to be exact.  All of a sudden.  They just dropped out of the clear blue sky like manna for the Israelites!  Glory be!  It's a miracle !!!

So these folks came to Village Hall to a Public Meeting to air their grievances.  Imagine that.  Using a public forum to voice your complaints!  Now if former mayor Jack Martins were there we all know how that would go down!  He would say they should have come to him first to address the issue.  You see, Jackie didn't like being called out in public - especially about Building Department issues.  So Mr. Whalen always felt safe because Jack had his back.  And apparently he feels he is STILL safe because when this woman and her son aired their grievances he just lounged back in his seat and draped his arm over the back of the chair next to him like he didn't have a care in the world.  That's arrogance at work and from the looks of it and IOHO that's about the only thing about Mr. Whalen that does work.

That's YOUR tax dollars at "work" too.  Yeah, baby!