Friday, April 29, 2011


FOUR photos of Jack in the latest edition of the Martins fanzine, a.k.a. The Mineola American.  Here's Jack sitting at a public hearing.  Here's Jack talking to library advocates.  Here's Jack chillin' with the students at Mineola High School.  What?  No picture of Jack tying his shoe?

The Mineola American never showed this much interest in the activities of the previous senator for the 7th S.D.  And it certainly has never shown that much interest in the activities of our Congressional Representative, Carolyn McCarthy.  You might be able to say "Jack Martins is from Mineola whereas Craig Johnson is from Port Washington.  So that's why Martins gets so much free publicity."  But what of Rep. McCarthy?  She's a life-long resident of Mineola.  She's also a Democrat.

So is that the deal?  Does the new senator derive his "favorite son" status from his party affiliation?  Mineola has been part of the 7th S.D. since time immemorial.  Why the sudden focus on 7th S.D. issues?

Just asking.