Thursday, October 21, 2010

♫ ♪ ♪ J-J-J-JIVE TALKIN' ♪ ♫ ♪

The latest mailer from the NYS Democratic Committee & NYS Democratic Senate Campaign Committee has plenty of people ROTF laughing their asses off.  If you thought nobody could top the 7-UP spoof that was put out by the Friends of Craig Johnson - boy were you wrong!

Jack is one Jive Turkey who lies like a rug.  Kinda makes you wonder what it's like to be inside his skull.  That is one SCARY place.  Here's a quote from email 27 on his Senate campaign site:  "Craig Johnson's ethical "lapses" really should come as no surprise anymore."  Seriously??  Jack is pointing fingers at somebody else for ethical "lapses"?  Oh wait!!! He IS pointing his finger.  OK - my bad.

He goes on to say "With all Johnson's well-documented associations and dealings with shady Democrat characters in New York .  .  . , his taking $3,500 in dirty money from Detroit developer Michael Malik is just typical. Malik is a man charged and fined with hiding his previous campaign contributions."

As opposed to Martins taking money from "shady characters" in New Jersey - like his aunt and uncle who both copped guilty pleas in NJ District Court to racketeering and bribery charges.  They paid $73,500 to a construction manager in order to get the concrete gig for the Princeton University Library.  Cathleen Macedo was sentenced to four years of probation while her hubby Jack Macedo was sentenced to 15 months in the federal clink.    Then, as reported recently in the NY Post, Jack Martins accepted $19,000 from them for his current state senate run.  And if the name  Macedo rings a bell with you, perhaps it's because Martins' other uncle, John Macedo chairs Mineola's Board of Zoning Appeals.  Nothing like keeping it "All in the Family."


That's how Jack's same email refers to the fact that Johnson's campaign returned said "dirty" $3500.  To quote his email directly, "Of course the Johnson campaign decided to return the contribution as soon as it was brought to light. Curious timing, wouldn't you say?"

Well it's better timing than Jack has for sure!  He DID NOT return the money from Aunt Cathy and Uncle Jack.  Per Mayor Jack, "My history of outstanding public service isn't changed by what is their supportive gesture."  (BTW - they also contributed $6,750 to Martins' ill-fated 2008 Congressional campaign against Rep. Carolyn McCarthy.  They would have given more, but they had certain - "ahem" - attorneys fees to deal with.) 

Is it just us, or is there is a MAJOR disconnect in the hard-wiring of Jack's brain?  Sigmund Freud isn't around to assist but here's what Webster's Ninth Collegiate Dictionary puts forth as a way of describing what's doing in that cranium of his:
An emotionally and behaviorally disordered state characterized by clear perception of reality except for the individual's social and moral obligations . . . .
That, by the way, is Webster's definition of a psychopathic personality.  Maybe that's what happens when you spend too much time under the disco ball. . . .
But it's all good Jack.  We love you anyway. You AND your altered sense of reality.  You both provide much entertainment, so keep on HUSTLIN' !!!!